Tomorrow’s post will reveal the mystery vessel. Brian already identified it, and as his prize, offers this photo as the next contest.


<< 1) Identify the make and model of the vessel above.

2) Help him figure out how to get
it from Ithaca, NY, to Brooklyn. Ideally, He’d like to
take it through the canals, but the Erie doesn’t open
until May 1st, and he’d like to get it here before
then. Any leads on boat haulers would be greatly
appreciated…. >>

So my two cents in this . . . is this vessel cute or sweet? Reasons?

Next “contest” with “relief crew” prize goes to whomever correctly responds to Brian’s questions above. Meanwhile . . .



…a chance to inspect my Thruway tolls at work,



see restored sweetnesses of another time,



and study the strata of our continent would all compel me to wait til May to ride the Canal and not seek road transport of Brian’s vessel to New York City. DeWitt Clinton was right. Cayuga Lake, the canals, and the river await!

All photos by Will Van Dorp.