“Green with Envy” I thought to call this. Or “Threesome” might be titillating. It was bound to happen someday: Alice, Rosemary Ruth, and me . . . all within sight of each other.

Rosemary Ruth was eastbound on the East River this very afternoon when . . .


a bulbous bow did she espy. The bow looked familiar.


Could it be . . . the wandering Alice is back in town?!@# Let’s tack, she insisted. NOW even if it means fighting the tide, she did declare.


Back to Jersey City she went. The East River is certainly not big enough for them both.

And me, the two-timing (or three or who counts anyhow) Tugster, back to the bloggers’ confessional did I hike. Such an intriguing pair they make!

All photos and silliness by Will Van Dorp.