Meanwhile in Hoboken . . . this mystery ship still awaits, but I don’t want to identify it quite yet. Just savor these pix and imagine the possibilities. Where else might iconic shapes as well as canvas hang from the rigging? Wind magic?




Where do solar panels lie side-by- side with carved mythic panels of tropical hardwood, both types deployed to channel what powers they may into the craft? Electronic magic?



The stern galley admits adequate light to nurture luxuriant growth, an ecosystem unto itself. Biomagic?




Moving forward along the interior starboard, tendrils are drawn to every sunbeam.



In the forepeak ideas and inspiration are carved where your eyes gaze as you chase sleep. . .




and a companionway leads back onto the star deck and up forward . . .



where a carved water sprite bows gracefully in anticipation of a 1000 days of dancing on the waters of the planet. Space flight may bring similar isolation and adventure, but it’ll never match the dance or the artistry of a water voyage. Prepare to dance, my spritely figurehead.


All photos by Will Van Dorp.