My 101st post crossed the 6000-reads mark yesterday. Thanks for all the reads. Now on to the next mark. For ceremony and celebration, let’s bring on the John J. Harvey. Harvey and her active duty siblings came out last June to celebrate Flag Day.



Some countries like Thailand have their water festivals; places like the sixth borough do too. I’m not sure how FDNY does this color below. Anyone know the secret?


But this one below is nothing short of miraculous. No one but the Harvey could do this. She even has her own book.


By the way, Harvey is retired, but check out this info on her superlative predecessor, the New Yorker. Scroll down to the second set of photos, an 1891 New York fireboat.
While researching fireboats in general, I discovered that the historic fireboat of Buffalo, New York, the Edward M. Cotter, was built… where else but in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Imagine that.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.