If second lives can happen for these two boats, they already have. Aging is a cruel and inevitable process for humans and their handicrafts alike.


Walking here feels not unlike being through a cemetery where no markers bear names. A Matthews, I guess? Compare with this.


This one is a rare ACF yacht, now too far gone to be rescued. That site should be called “free projects cum boats.”

All the fine tropical hardwoods are practically exotic mulch. A knifeblade goes clear through.


Starboard side of the ACF and bow of the Matthews.


Closer up of the starboard bow of the Matthews with ACF to port.
Here are some great links to scroll through by manufacturer.

Last heartbreaking shot for today: view into port cabin door of the ACF. Wish it had made it to a museum like this one far upstate New York.
Anyone ever see a restored ACF aka American Car & Foundry? It’s the luxury craft of another age: Elco, Hacker, Owens . . . like Cord, Dusenberg, and Packard.

Here are more survivors. Scroll to the bottom for some great links. If only we could save them all.