So this isn’t about anything Irish. Green . . . the color of cans and buoys to leave to port when returning. Green ones have odd numbers. Seasickness turns you to one’s gills. If tending toward “pea” green, it’s the color of the vessel of a certain owl and pussycat. Below is a pea green hull that regularly comes into the harbor. Any guesses on its home port? NSCSA?  The unusual structure on the stern?
Here’s a link and another to closer views of the RO-RO ship; the latter shows John Caddell in the foreground. This site shows a good cutaway view of the holds of such a vessel and the aft loading ramp. Vessel named for? You guessed it. . . the city of Hofuf.

All of the above has nothing to do with Greenpeace. Other than color, of course. Tis the season for green.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.