Surprised I was when I first heard the Hudson as it flows through a portion of the sixth borough referred to as the North River. References exist aplenty though. It both alludes to the East River and describes historic boundaries of the Dutch colony that extended from the North River to the South River aka, the Delaware.

A Moran tug chugs northward here, forming the “base” of a diamond with Pier 57, the Empire State Building, and the new Gehry building.

Pier 57 might be described as a “once and future” delight; a few years ago, however, it was a detention center.

Much less ambiguously a delight is the Gehry Building less than a year old. Here is a link to one of many interesting articles about the Gehry. Notice the Chrysler Building peering around the left side of a high rise (I admit I can’t identify that high-rise.) in the background.

While we’re talking North River delights, I have to mention huge pigeons on bollards guarding the north Hoboken waterfront. Notice Frying Pan lightship in the background.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.