Believe it or not, Alice came into Brooklyn last night, so I crossed over the Hudson to Jersey. No sour grapes or anything; I just had an appointment that I’ll blog about soon enough . . . with Anne. No, that’s not Anne below; read the name for yourself.


Ambassador, it turns out, is a sibling–er . . half sibling–of my beloved Alice. Check this out and go to their international fleet. Both are managed/owned/operated? by a company run by a former Canadian prime minister and partnered with other companies.  It’s just confusing.


Check out this vintage shot of Alice. Meanwhile, although Alice and I don’t currently talk, we will again someday. Unrequited feelings are best sometimes. I’ll stay my bound to course while Alice does what she needs to do in Brooklyn and then moves quickly again beyond the horizon.

All photos and silliness by Will Van Dorp.