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Landlubbers have “junk drawers;” some waterfolk have line lockers. From mine I’ll pull some gratutitous pictures and unrelated stories following up recent posts.


Two vessels–Ambassador (nearer and inbound) and Sonia, seagull, and Hoffman Island.

Pirates: An incident is ongoing right now off Somalia, as MV Rosen, a food relief ship, is held by pirates, crew as hostages. Read about it here. Bet the pirates don’t have eye patches or say “harrr.”

Crane ship off Narrows, three tugs, two NYPD boats. Waiting for ….
Meanwhile in Morocco: Here’s another set of photos of life on the Congo River. While we’re talking about the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) where I spent two years of my life, check out this very worthwhile effort in a profoundly tragic space. I met Bukeni last weekend, an angel.

Check this really cool section of Chine blog.

Emissions: Check this.
Tottenville: Check out frogma’s recent post about her never-ending tale of a certain voyage to Tottenville. Disclosure: I shamelessly lurked for almost a year on frogma’s wonderful blog before making a comment!

The paddle handler in that cockpit is a very young tugster (tugsta) up in New England. Notice what they name the combination dragger/lobsta boats up theah.

Last update in this very mixed bag: Compare this picture from Balancing of the Red Hook Sugar dome as it looked last summer and this one today on Gowanus Lounge. Read “Revere Sugar, Then and Now.” Seems like balance and stabilty are lost.

Will Van Dorp as photographer or talent.

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