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Watching traffic recently was especially interesting, given the sky. Check the gloom around this outbound Moran tug. It’s Brendan Turecamo, I think. It’s headed out to bring in Zhen Hua, featured yesterday. The deckhand on the stern is preparing the cables. The sky here conjures up the mood of Farley Mowat’s Grey Seas Under, a fantastic late winter read about salvage tugs 50+ years ago on the North Atlantic. Check these links here, here, and here for salvors.

Soon afterward, this tanker St Georg headed out and got me thinking…

Does the bulbous bow have something in common with the prow ram of a bireme or trireme? And isn’t the anchor quite like the eye on these ancient ships?
Just an illusion? Here’s another illusion. Doesn’t it appear this blue and white boat is attempting to drydock in an unusual location?


My categories like “cargoes” and “specialized” emerged quite organically, but how better to describe a vessel such as the one that entered the Narrows yesterday.


Three tugs took about an hour to begin the escorting process.


What is it, you ask? My guess is post-panamax cranes for Port Elizabeth, given that Maher is painted on the cranes portside. Check this article about ZPMC, and notice the initials on the shelf alongside the hull not far above the waterline.


Here is a link to another shot, here, and here. I was eager to get a shot of the vessel squeezing under the Verrazano, and then my camera batteries died!!

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