A trip through the aisles at any big-box store reveals how much stuff we get into our lives through the sixth borough and its watery extensions. Yet, it takes luck and persistence to get some cargo details. Buried in paragraph 11 or so of this article we get some details about the contents , other than pallets, of course, of a vessel that went bump in the KVK last year.



It was a little smoky this morning down by these docks. Check out the closeup of the bow and the vestigial figurehead here. It reminds me ever so slightly of the logo on a Chrysler autombile of the past few years; maybe I could paint such a design on the nose of my car.



And with a name like CSAV Rio Puelo, of course, you’d immediately guess she was registered in . . . the Marshall Islands? That is quite the bulb, eh?

Oh, that reminds me: here’s a gratuitous mention of and update on my “crush,” of course you know her name…. shh! she’s off the Maine coast. Suppose she’ll be back?

More gratuitous pictures.