Tankerin’ leaves me hankerin.’ That’s the gist of an interesting article in the Star Ledger on Sunday 2/25. Personal disclosure: my son works on a cruise ship.
Here’s a photo of Crown Princess in the Cruise Terminal in Red Hook just south of the container terminal there. Coming into New York as a seafarer just isn’t a treat. The bright lights do not beckon; the Statue doesn’t smile. There’s no “y compris” launch to the delights ashore.
While I’m sort of somber, here’s a glimpse into the life of those aboard Alice and their concerns. See donation list #14.  By the way, as we speak, Alice is back in Canadian waters for the first time since early January.  Yeah.
Less somber, enjoy the vestigial figurehead on CP; truth be told, it looks very navel . . . not naval. See photo context above just inboard of the docklines. Bet it ain’t carved of wood.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.