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Blogs and the internet are fantastic collaborative tools. In just a few months, this blog has introduced me to like-minded folk on all continents. Nothing from Antarctica yet. Of course, the mysteries of Alice still remain, but that’s appropriate with unrequited love. The beloved, shown below in this summer 2006 photo, is almost in Canadian maritime water returning from Gibraltar as I write. But why she dashed across the Atlantic and never communicates…. I’ll enjoy the unattention and just have to guess her motivations.

Below are some of your revelations.
Brendan: the tug being restored in the 2/22 post is New York Central Tug #13. Some info on other historic New York vessels can be found here, North River being an alternative designation to the Hudson and as distinguished from the East River.

By the way along the North aka Hudson on the cold Hoboken side, here are two vastly different projects, schooner Anne and Ferry Yankee, described in the link in paragraph above.


Fred: the delightful caravel in the 2/17 was the Nina and the “invisible” vessel in my “header” photo, top of every blog is Drillboat Fractor. See blogroll “tug44”.

Bonnie aka frogma: too numerous to list all, but notable was Rosemary Ruth, Mystic Whaler, and Klang II in the 1/23.  See blogroll.

Carolina: all about Mary Whalen in the 1/20, who floats again this week. See blogroll.
Enough for today. Thanks all.

Let me end by introducing the first blog I knew . . . er . . . blogg that is. Check out their schedule on this homepage; see them if you can… and dare.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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