As nurses, my sisters (hi sisters!!) could tell me a lot about triage. One thing I know, though, is that not all can be saved. Here (thanks to Richard) is a series taken over three days. My frustration is that I had a photo of this very tug afloat about a year ago, and I deleted it because of space considerations. Anyone recognize her?  Answer follows.


One clue is on the forward portion of the wheelhouse, JARR D-E, a sort of CRO.


Wooden afterhouse smashed to kindling and the wheelhouse peeled back…


then hydraulic jaws of the Deere start to snip to bow from the rest of the hull.



I turn my eyes. I can’t bear to watch. What dramas unfolded here long ago.

Again a clue on the after port side although I can’t make out whether it says “girlshoe” or “girlshop” and what either could possibly refer to.


Hey frogma, don’t you think the lines on this be-barnacled bottom are sweet? Under the growth and scale, there may even be a signature. More performance art?

And the ID is:  Russell 15 243458. Steel single screw tug built 1940 at Brooklyn, NY, by the Liberty DDCoInc as hull no. 40 for the Newtown Creek Towing Co. 80.2 x 22.6 x 9.9; 142 gt, 95 nt. 8 cylinder Superior Diesel, 14.5 x 20, 750-bhp. Later Annawan YN-50, Dennis McAllister, Kosnac Girls, and Jarred E.

Thanks to Richard Hudson for these photos.