Personal disclosure continues. This is another big “V’day.” Who would I possibly be photographing in the middle of the Hackensack between the Skyway and the 1-9 bridge?



Who’s the businesslike behatted Hudson River skipper of Margarita leaving the Catskills astern? The shirtless pirate behind her is actually an updated Cupid with a weapon aimed in my direction as I relax on the bow.


And who would possibly be standing on the stern of “home” a few years back fashionably attired for the snow season?


It’s Elizabeth, co-captain of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day. She has many specialities, and she introduced me to blogging. Yeah, her specialities are different from mine.
Oh, the white vessel? OK, it’s fiberglass, not steel or wood. And we moved on after three years in this lovely marina because of too many mornings before leaving for work, having to thaw ourselves free of the bulkhead. Defrost our bodies is what I mean, for they had become frozen to the “walls” of the v-berth overnight.

Love endures all, overcomes all, and moves onto land!