Call this “Destination: Jersey City,” if you wish. Or call it an experience with a signed piece of art, performance art. No steamin‘ allowed.


Performance was enhanced by a half ton of steel added to the keel of …


Rosemary Ruth, as seen by a click here in warmer weather. But temperatures below freezing no matter, would a Viking stop sailing just because it’s colder? They sailed here before steaming was imagined, and in all weather.


Cold water splashes are more ceremonial.



Consulting charts is more profound. Hot soup consumed by the rundlet is more delicious. Rosemary Ruth sails home away from the setting sun of February,



round the ice caked towers,



past unidentifiable anchored sea giants running their furnaces…


heeling past incredulous night passengers on SeaStreak . . . and home to the ice-lined Morris Canal.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.