New York streets have long been dominated by the yellow cabs, maybe even before Checker days. John D. Hertz started the color association: yellow was the easiest to spot, he thought; I think he was right.

There are other water taxi companies, and if you’ve never ridden one, choose according to the route. I’m not an agent for any of them. The division of routes vaguely recalls the rivalry between Fulton’s ferry empire and Vanderbilt’s entry. Read this link; look at the section “ferry empire.”

South Street Seaport is one of the stops for the yellow ones. Another is Red Hook, although if you were to go there today, the landing would no look like this or even be back here as it was in 2005.

Hauled out and high and dry, here’s the portside pontoon showing draft markings.
May 2007 a ship powerplant that could supplant the diesels will be here after crossing the Atlantic. And check this out.

I’d like to see photos of water taxis in other cities, other continents.

All photos by will Van Dorp.