What do you suppose is in the clamshell being lifted out of the hold of Pleiades?


Here’s my shot a second later.



Before I tell you my guess, check out these burlap bags in a warehouse in Red Hook and speculate what they contain. Hint: the bags are on their way to a certain mid-Pennsylvania city that starts with”H.”


The “H” city is Hershey. Do you suppose that white stuff is sugar getting delivered by bulk carrier to go with the cocoa? Nah…. it’s probably just salt, road salt.

But let’s just have some fun with this, given that Valentine’s Day approaches. So with sugar, cocoa, the Buttermilk Channel, all that’s lacking is nuts. Aha! Check out this six-foot piece of debris that we sailed past last week. It’s not uncommon. It’s why the Driftmaster is in the harbor.

The nuts are out in summer racing around the harbor too fast to see what’s floating toward them. Now we’ve all the ingredients for that food of Valentine’s. Let’s get cooking.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.