The image below makes “hermetically sealed” come to my mind. A hospitable captain says, “it makes a barge look sweet.” But it is functional. Fully loaded, Heroic Ace can carry over 4000 automobiles. And offload in less than 12 hours. I’m interested if anyone can confirm this and describe what it’s like to drive cars off such a vessel. Longshoreman or friends of? I saw this around 10am and around 8 pm a very similar vessel was outbound through the Narrows.


Sister ships–all with the “last name” Ace–have such first names as Utopia, Splendid, Progress, Prominent, Paradise, Euphony, and Freedom. All those listed are less than five years old. Can anyone speak to the evolution of the design of these vessels sometimes called “pure” (as in “dedicated”) car/truck carriers?


No pun intended with the word “listed,” but a similarly sized (18000+ dwt) slightly older cousin named Cougar Ace (built 1993 according to World Shipping Register) capsized off Alaska last summer. Read the story here. Very interesting photos at BYM Gallery and

When I learned of the Cougar Ace mishap last summer, I assumed the hold was a mess afterward; what surprised me in my research is that this was not the case. Only 41 cars of the 4700 onboard broke loose. Follow the efforts that led to re-righting the ship here.

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