Note: Check out gowanus lounge update first.

Now imagine a charming pinkie schooner and its hospitable master, a maritime educator, and two bloggers (but of course they each have multiple other identities). Now mix them with the sixth borough and a uniquely seasonal January day. Give them a destination, and here’s the result:

Add in an ebb tide. Raise all the sail including the fisherman, and pass an ATB (articulated tug barge) whose crew admire as we ride the ebb and wind outbound.
Throw in a flurry of traffic including some tankers, a car carrier, a container ship of course, some small fishing boats. And tell the helmsman, albehe a slacker with hand in pocket, to tack across shipping lanes.

Alternate she on the tiller periodically as we race across Raritan Bay, leaving West Bank light and a pilot boat in the looming.

Daylight wanes as we approach ultima Staten Islandus. Loons ululate a greeting (or something) as we sail into the approaches of Tottenville.

Destination reached. Temperature’s dropping. Must be time for some glog.


All photos by Will Van Dorp, except the one of me.