With the image below, you might think the title should be “Figurehead” and a number… 3, I believe. Except this is a Pioneer crew member experimenting with a new technique for bow watch. It wouldn’t be called standing watch.

Or with the image below, you might think the title should be “Still More Sail 2.” But this is a training sail on Pioneer.

Or then again, you might think the photo below of two similarly clad deckhands practicing casting a line over the H-bitt of Decker belongs with Pairs and a number.


This might be More Convergence again… painting the bowsprit of Wavertree. But again it’s crew, maintenance crew this time learning to work aloft by working the least aloft, fighting the never-sleeping rust.
But actually, all these crew members are volunteers at South Street Seaport, and these are the second lives of these folks. If you are interested in having this as a second life, check out this information. By the way, no experience needed; they train. And it’s a fantastic way to meet interesting folks. The City has thousands of opportunities to volunteer and provide a priceless service. Two more are on the Gowanus and on the Hackensack.  Do I want a crew?  Sure, to march in the Mermaid Parade this summer.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.