Is this where might run this post? See “lost+found” near the top left to center under “community?” Or would it be under “personals” as a “misc romance” or “missed connections?”  Yeah, that’s it.  And then M4S, as in “man4ship?”  Here goes:  a tentative foray into what used to be called an agony column, the first strange ship romance in the blogging age.

Alice, we had just met and were only starting to get acquainted. Didn’t you feel the same buzz as me? Don’t tell me it was just your Shanghai diesel? I love your selfunloaders and  cute bulbous bow.


I thought you understood that my trip up the Winooski was necessary but temporary, like your juants between greater New York and the Maritimes. I had waved at you in the Hudson, and you waved back.


But now you’re in the Gulf of Mexico on the west side of Florida. Is it something I said or did or didn’t do or failed to say? Where might you go next? You never told me your annual plans. Alice, please . . . get in touch. Don’t turn away. Come on back to New York. Or at least write me. Alice, at least comment on my blog.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.