An expression I overuse in the classroom is “I know we’re not finished, but time is finished.” The sentiment makes me impulsive, landing me in trouble sometimes. As I write this, I know Alice is soon headed back north, and so am I. She’ll take the salt water route, and I’ll take the water that becomes increasingly fresh. My time here’s finished for now, and in case you don’t know, Winooski is a river that flows into Lake Champlain. I’ve got some work to do up there, so this is my last post for 2006. See end of this post if you’ve not used up all your 2006 creativity.



Here’s the sign that points the way for me towards Champlain. Just north of Burlington, the Winooski flows from the east into Lake Champlain. I’m driving, but I could paddle the Winooski as far as Montpelier, where the North Branch enters, which I could follow for a mile, leave the water, and take the the right fork in the picture below. It seems Robert Frost wrote a poem about this, about roads diverging, about choices and their making all the difference. My road leads up a steep hill to a place beside a quarry. Hmmm. wonder if Alice has ever carried crushed granite from that pit.


But up here there’s stuff to do, tools to use, structures to make, vehicles to move me to the next waypoint . . . metaphorically speaking this time.

Happy New Year 2007. Blog returns in a few weeks; right now. . .

I’m up the Winooski tomorrow, and . . . rather than resolutions, how about convolutions to coin some new words:

2007 “blogger kisses and hugs” could become “blisses and blugs!!!”

Send some of your own convolutions?

All photos by Will Van Dorp.