No, not the borough that’s the most diverse county in the country, but one of the large Cunard ships.


Here Queen Mary 2 shoehorns under the Verrazano with less than 10 feet between the top of the antennas and the underside of the roadbed. Vertical clearance at the center of the bridge is 229 feet. QM2’s original design was modified to allow her to fit under this bridge. I guess, to follow the “panamax” term from my earlier post, that means QM2 is “Verrazanomax.”


Vertical clearance under the Brooklyn Bridge is 110 feet. My estimate puts the 110-foot mark just atop the orange life boats.

Here she dwarfs Red Hook as seen from the south, from Bay Ridge Flats.

Here she is from just south of Governor’s Island. A container ship is just leaving the loading terminal.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.