Troy Lock stops any vessel longer than 300 feet and wider than 43 feet. It is 134 nautical miles back to the Battery, mostly south to the heart of New York harbor. Notice the signal light positioned in front of the lock house is giving a red light.  From Troy, let’s head southward.
Eight miles to the south it’s the Port of Albany, a tidal port that accommodates ships up to 750 feet long, 110 wide, and drawing 32.


The bulk carrier below, some 40 miles south of Albany is outbound, approaching the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. It’s still another 80 miles to Manhattan.

Poughkeepsie, West Point, Yonkers, and everything in between we’ll have time to see later. Now we push outbound.


Jersey City to starboard and the Battery to port, a DEP sludge tanker overtaking us to starboard, we move toward the Narrows, another two plus miles on.


We head to port, pass the stern of the incoming container ship and follow the Ambrose Channel out.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.