Look carefully at this first picture for a while. It seems nothing is there. It’s grayed out. Look at the lower half of the space and something starts to emerge, 92,000 tons and over 950 feet LOA, it’s Norwegian Dawn several miles outside the Narrows, the entrance to the harbor. Imagine operating here without radar. The collision of Andrea Doria and Stockholm happened even with radar albeit radar of 1956.


Here’s the same ship on a clear day, making its usual Sunday afternoon departure for down south somewhere.


Here’s another fog shot, this one from the East River looking down toward the Buttermilk Channel and Red Hook. The ship you can see moving away is one of the sludge tankers that NYDEP uses to transport sewage so that it can be transformed into fertilizer for our citrus and vegetables. Read the sludge link if you’re skeptical. But back to the fog. What you can’t see is about a quarter mile beyond the sludge ship . . . Queen Mary 2 at the Brooklyn passenger terminal. Trust me, QM2 was there at the time of the photo.qm2.jpg

All photos by Will Van Dorp.