Let’s travel through the Kills now, under the beautful Bayonne that graces my blog masthead, up the Hudson, and as far back as Labor Day 2006, a fantastic weekend for the best sporting eventing of the entire year, the annual Tug Races. Here’s where the fleetest roil the waters of the Hudson, an event that warranted an official delegate from the Mayor this year, but demands a whole lot more attention.

Late morning more than a dozen tugs made their way to the starting line, an imaginary marker between the stern of Intrepid and Port Imperial in Weehawken.


All helmsman wait for the signal of the VHF. When it comes,

thousands of horsepower spin enormous propellors (which you’ll see in a future blogpost) and a placid Hudson is transformed.


Anything smaller than the fleetest tug, K-Sea’s Lincoln Sea, and what is NOT smaller than Lincoln Sea, like Urger here, feels that small craft warning should have been posted. Who wins you might ask…


Could there really be any question? Lincoln Sea, the K-Sea tug at 8000 hp, 123 feet LOA. Here is post-race festivities, Lincoln Sea takes on others in its class? It’s Janice Ann Reinauer, 2200 hp and 86 feet LOA.

Tell your friends and see you at the Labor Day 2007 premier sports event in– the world.