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0aaaa10aaaa20aaaa30aaaa40aaaa50aaaa6The stern reads “Syracuse of Syracuse.”  She’s built in Syracuse.  Two boats passing during the day, albeit a rainy one, is still a beautiful thing.

Photos were taken by Will Van Dorp between Palmyra and Newark.

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Will Van Dorp took the above photos between Pittsford and Medina.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA0aaaacb80aaaacb7OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA0aaaacb50aaaacb4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA0aaaacb2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Canal runs less than 400 miles across the state, but possibly because my journey has lasted over a hundred days now, it sometimes seems that I’ve crossed a continent since June, and an unfamiliar continent at that.  The countless unexpected details–in spite of  some familar ones–prompt the suggestion that these details are remnants of a lost civilization, vestiges of a culture that once valued them before those inhabitants vanished.  All photos here by Will Van Dorp, taken between Brockport and Pittsford.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the years, many of you have inquired about her availability.  Vessel IS now available, and the owner wants to move fast.  Serious inquiries only, please.  She is NOT mine, but I will pass along needed info.

Send me an email:  parrotlect at gmail dot com



Many thanks to bowsprite for these photos;  Pretty Lamb raises the bar for unusual names.  Click here for more “pretty” fleet.  Or here:


Thanks to Bob Stopper, these photos show NYS Marine Highway’s Benjamin Elliot moving French canal barge Sojourn into the Lyons drydock area. Sojourn has quite the history that I hope to be telling more about soon.



Anyone know the story here?  It’s a state boat, though not in NYS Canal Corp colors.



Many thanks to Jonathan Steinman for these remarkable photos.  McAllister Girls and Ellen (or Robert?) tow Empire State to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Indeed, it is a sight to behold a tow like this on the East River!


With many thanks to Tony A for the top two photos . .  it’s possibly the latest arrival in the sixth boro.

And the bottom photo is about as far from the sixth boro as you can get and still be in the Empire State . . . Kurt R. Luedtke.


tug Bayridge Service & barge in L3barge Houston with tug Eileen Mbarge Houston on delivery voyage with tug Eileen MTenacious light tug headed for L2tug Barbara Andrie dbnd abvoe L7 with barge A-390barge Innovation and tug Samuel de Champlain at guard gate upbnd (3)HHMisner light tug upbnd to L2tug Commodore StraitsTechno St

Many thanks for use of these photos, all taken about seven years ago, to Barry Petersen.  Vessels are:  Bayridge Service, Eileen Roehrig and barge Houston on delivery, Tenacious, Barbara Andrie, Samuel de Champlain, H. H. Misner, Commodore Straits, and Techno St. Laurent.


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