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Name this tug headed for sea as the sunset bathes it in ruby light?


I guess this could turn into a precious materials post.  Hobo, this gold tug at the Costello shipyard in Greenport, appears to have been built 61 years ago by Caddell’s Drydock & Repair.  At this dock, it waits under the protection of this exotic creature of the winds if not waters.




This 55-year old  . . . despite the distant port name carried on its escutcheon, is where?  Check the skyline.


See the Chrysler Building off her port side?  Charlsea is currently in Weehawken.


The ever-wandering Maraki  caught up with Kathy M recently in Eleuthera.


And now . . . back to the ruby-red tug of the lead photo . . . . known as it leaves this port . . .


as Roger Williams, a name soon


to change.  Here she passes Castle Hill Light . . . as I said, bound for sea  . . .


Credits here go to Rod Smith for photos of Roger Williams, Maraki for Kathy M, and all others . . . Will Van Dorp, who is expecting to make a comment about the laurels above the Graves of Arthur Kill cover . . . upper left side of this page  . . . soon.

Thanks again, Rod and Maraki.

The next three fotos come compliments of Rod Smith, whose Narragansett Bay Shipping site does a thorough job of documenting many things including all newbuilds worked on at Senesco Marine, where the new Caddell’s drydock was constructed.   Here’s the launch day, performed by rolling airbags.  See the upper wheelhouse of newbuild Dean Reinauer to the left behind the shed.  Small tug afloat is Hawk, ex-YTL 153.


Although not quite wide enough to contain a football field, it is more than long enough.  It would certainly redefine the game.


Here’s a foto of the drydock taken from the upperwheelhouse of Dean.  Can anyone identify the tug-in-progress directly in the foreground?


Finally, another of my fotos showing the tow just about home entering the Buttermilk Channel.  The octagonal structure to the left is the vent tower for the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.


Again, many thanks to Rod for use of these fotos.  If you do Facebook, Rod has just posted fotos of arrival of United Yacht Transport’s Super Servant 4 in Newport, RI.  Now if I were free, I’d head up and watch the float-off process.

Here was my first post on this drydock.

Yesterday and today’s Franklin.

Tomorrow’s Franklin . . .

B. Franklin Reinauer, that is.

Dawn foto compliments of Rod Smith, who covers Narragansett Bay.

Top foto by Will Van Dorp, whose computers are in rebellion.

Government Boats 14 was here, from over a year ago.  A subtitle here might be navy vessels future and army vessels present.  Like this vessel below, sent along by Rod Smith of Narragansett Bay Shipping, where you can savor more shots of the same vessel.  Can you identify it?  Does “FSF 1″ stand for “frighteningly sci-fi 1,” which this truly is?  More below.

Now onto army vessels.  Oxymoron?  Nope, Enjoy these two, contributed by Joe Herbert:  LT-2085 Anzio (US Army tug built in 1955) , and

a Nathaniel Greene class tug, LT-801.   More of the Nathaniel Greene class here.

For scale of the afterdeck, check out the size of the barbeque grille relative to the winch.

For a list said to be all Army vessels, click here.    More here.  For a close-up of LT-806 in Kuwait, click here.  More Army tug fotos here.

For a frighteningly sci-fi US ARMY vessel prototype built in Australia, click here.

Here’s a full-vessel shot of cement-gray FSF 1 aka Sea Fighter passing Fort Adams in Narragansett Bay.

Again, thanks to Joe (here are fotos he previously contributed) and Rod, whose Narragansett Bay Shipping blog –on my blogroll–chronicles the diverse traffic on that body of water;  check it out.

Any errors in the above info can be blamed on Will Van Dorp, aka tugster.

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