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Blount Global 2

Not quite two weeks ago I did my first post of Blount-built boats in far flung places.  Read it here;  a list of sixth boro Blount vessels appears at the end. Now I’m thrilled to put up these fotos, generously sent by Julie Blount, executive vice president of Blount Boats, Inc.  This is the launch of […]

Blount Global

Thanks to Fairlane and Ben for pointing out an example of “you travel far away to find what you left behind”  :  shipbuilders in southern New England labored to create vessels like Cayo Largo (2008) , below and here (fotos 6 and 7).  In fact, Cayo Largo displays front-and-center on the Blount Boats Shipyard site here. […]

Twin Tube 3

Click here for my previous Twin Tube posts,  Note to self . . . I’d like to see the wheelhouse of this work horse if it ever stops working.  Today when I saw the boat, it looked different.  Can you see it? No . . . it has not been renamed Butterfly, as appears between the […]

Canal Zones 5d

Here’s my last canal ruins post, this one focusing on vestiges of the corridor as a dynamic industrial hub.  Day Peckinpaugh, delivered as cargo ship Interwaterways 101 in May 1921 is certainly not in ruins, as her younger sister–by two months– Interwaterways 105 has been since 1976, here disintegrating in the Arthur Kill. Below the […]

Random Tugs 128

Bergen Point, a 1958 Blount product,  coming through the Narrows last weekend.  Click here for many interesting vessels from Blount that have appeared on this blog. And a first timer on this blog . . . John Parrish. Penn No. 4 all painted white . . . click here and scroll through to see her […]

From the Line Locker 18

Here was 17, a reminder of what this series is about:  I’m avoiding the word miscellaneous. First, from Birk Thomas . . . a closer-up of another Blount this week.  Doesn’t it share some spirit of 1960 Ford blue? From bowsprit, who wanted to know why a scalloper was headed southbound along Manhattan the other […]

Botruc Plum Isle

That’s Hobo on the left. And what is that larger vessel?  Although I was told it was a supply vessel, a little hunting turned up another category, a botruc . . . or bo-truc. Here, according to the owner, the yellow stripe was added to make the vessel–which has spent most of its life serving […]

People Movers 2

Here was the first in this series, from quite a while back.   The next two photos below were taken late last week by Brian DeForest. Miss New York, Blount built in 1993 leaves the Statue quite dramatically. Ferry Lt. Samuel S. Coursen, Mathis built 1956, was named for this West Point grad. That’s Explorer […]

Twin Tube 2

Here’s the first post I did on this vessel more than 5 years ago. When I saw Twin Tube–a workhorse older than me– northbound yesterday, I’d no idea we’d meet up again later.   What caught my attention right then was the lowering boom, something I’d not noticed before. Here she is, as Electra rages, […]


Let’s follow the evolution of this boat.  Two years ago she went by Coney Island.  I was looking forward to having a tugboat by that name in the sixth boro.   A check of the USCG vessel documentation site showed that previously she had gone by Mister Jordan, a vessel I’d never seen. The builder’s […]


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